Myoko Kogen Backcountry


Myoko Kogen Backcountry Mitaharayama North Face

Guest Nick Morley riding down the NF of Mitaharayama on one of our backcountry tours.

photo by will saunders



五山ロッジの「五山」とは? オーナーがバックカントリー天国と呼ぶ、そして五山ロッジと名付けた五つの山をご紹介します。


Myoko Kogen Backcountry

Know Before You Go

2,400mの活火山は、春では日帰りで頂上へ辿り着けますが、冬は数日かけてのトリップのみでアクセスできます。 頂上は溶岩ドームの一種であり、最近の火山活動のため、バックカントリーのアクセスはまだ制限されています。 南と北の斜面のクライムは長い。そしてさらにフォールラインはそれより長い上昇だ。特徴的な火山の噴火口は白馬のバックカントリーから眺めることができます。風がなく晴れている日には妙高高原と黒姫高原からも見れることができます。


Myoko Suginohara Backcountry

 The Myoko backcountry is easy to access from the top lift of Myoko Suginohara which is the highest lifted point in Myoko at 1855m. There are two main peaks you can ski from the top of Myoko suginohara resort: Mitahara and Akakura-yama. For the adventurous, Mt. Myoko’s West Face and Kurosawa-dake accessible by full (long) day tour and overnight tours to Hiuchi-san, Yakeyama and Kana-san are possible via hut access.

Myoko Mitahara-yama Backcountry Zone

2,462mの高さは春では日帰りで頂上へ辿り着けますが、冬は数日かけてのトリップのみでアクセスできます。 この地域で最も深い雪と最長のフォールラインがあるスペシャルな場所です。 野沢温泉、ロッテアライ、白馬はすリスペクトされている山ばかりです。そのピークを火打山の頂上から眺めることができます。火打山の特徴なピラミッド型は雪で染まっているのを5月まで見れることができます。

Myoko Mitahara South/West Face


Myoko Mitahara Calderra Zone

We like to ride the north facing lines into the caldera crater of Myoko-san. It’s not only a picturesque and unique experience ruding into a volcano, but it has some of the deepest and steepest lines on the whole mountain. From the crater, you can hike back up and do 2-3 laps in a day depending on the speed of your group, the final run is EF or SF back into the resort. You can also head to Mt. Myoko Peak or Maeyama and finish in Akakura Kanko resort if you.

One of the best sustained fall-line tree skiing in honshu. From 2347-1341 over 3km. It is one of the most satisfying lines in the area if you can get the right conditions. Be careful not to get sucked into deep gullies or terrain traps. Mitahara West FaceA bit of a hike to get in and out but very good for days when only west facing or terrain above 1900m will hold good conditions. Make sure you do not follow all the way into the steep kurosawa river as it is quite dangerous to navigate. Once you hit 1900m it is time to turn back unless you have scouted a good access or know the terrain well.


An advanced Steep south facing chute system that are only 45mins hike from the top lift of myoko suginohara. Be 100% sure of avalanche conditions and beware of avalanche debris from adjoining cliff faces on the down and the way out. You should be completely dialled into the area's conditions before attempting to ride this zone. You can see these chutes on a clear day from ther bar of Gozan Lodge



Kurosawa-dake juts out between the Hiuchi-yama plateau and Myoko-san.  Kurosawadake has both East and West facing options but for a day trip we recommend hitting the EF only to allow enough time to get home before dark. Quickest access is via Mitahara West face.

Akakura-Yama chutes

IMG_20200106_084503_527 (2).jpg

Myoko Akakura

Stats: 740m Fall line


1 gondola 6 lifts


IMG_20200106_084503_527 (2).jpg

Nozawa Onsen

Stats: 1,085m fall line (1650m-565m)

2 gondola 19 lifts


IMG_20200106_084503_527 (2).jpg

Shiga Kogen

Stats: 757 m fall line



50 lifts 5 gondolas


IMG_20200106_084503_527 (2).jpg


801 m Fall Line

(1271m-469m) 9 Lifts



otani apline hut

Myoko Kogen Backcountry Ski Accommodation

There is a choice of 3 unserviced huts you can stay overnight in the Myoko Backcountry. There is a lot of etiquette about these locations so please come to see us in person to enquire about them. If your group isn't looking to rough it, book a guided tour or stay with us at Gozan Lodge Myoko so you can attend our morning avalanche safety discussions and utilise our 10 years of backcountry experience in the valley. We want everyone to make safe decisions and explore the best  that this region has to offer; so If you have already booked accommodation somewhere else, come visit Gozan Bar and Restaurant for some apres after a day of riding suginohara and owner Ben will be happy to share some safety and route information.